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About Us

The Kuehn, Beasley and Young Law Firm was established when the founding partner, Clyde Kuehn, stepped down as Justice of the Fifth District Appellate Court, and returned to private practice.  Since 2005, the lawyers at Kuehn, Beasley and Young have been handling virtually every aspect of litigation related cases, with a special and particular emphasis on criminal defense, and personal injury lawsuits.  In that regard, Kuehn, Beasley and Young has garnered a reputation as one of the best criminal defense law firms in the metro-east.  We have also achieved millions of dollars in recovery for civil clients.

It is with this diverse background and experience that the lawyers at Kuehn, Beasley and Young advocate zealously for all of their clients.  Whether it be criminal defense or a civil litigation lawsuit, you can do no better than hiring the lawyers at Kuehn, Beasley and Young.  Even if your case does not entail criminal defense, or civil litigation, Kuehn, Beasley and Young is a one-stop shop, and calling us with your particular legal issue may prove beneficial.  Initial consultations are always free.