Recent Kuehn Law Firm Successes

Recent Civil Cases

$125,000 settlement for passenger in car accident. This settlement was in excess of insurance company's policy limits.

$127,500 judgment in favor of client injured in car accident. Insurance company claimed injuries were pre-existing and denied the injuries were caused by accident. This result was in excess of insurance company's policy limits.

$200,000 settlement for pedestrian struck by police vehicle outside of crosswalk.

$33,000 JURY VERDICT for a client involved in motor vehicle accident who sustained soft tissue injuries. Allstate offered $11,000 before trial. Jury awarded three times that amount.

$330,000 for claim against insurance company that refused to pay for fire damage under insurance policy. Client bought building for $20,000, and after years of litigation, and thousands of pages of documents, forced insurance company to pay $330,000.

$500,000 policy limit for client injured in automobile accident that resulted in left foot amputation.

$100,000 policy limts for client injured in low speed car accident.

$130,000 settlement for client who slipped and fell on oil in a bowling alley.

$600,000 for client in single car motor vehicle crash who was a passenger in a vehicle driven by a drunk driver.

$125,000 obtained for client who was driving his motorcycle and hit a pot hole in the road. As a result of hitting the pot hole, client fractured his leg. This was obtained against a municipality in spite of their continued claims of immunity.

$100,000 policy limit settlement for car crash client who was rear-ended. State Farm denied any liability or causation of injuries for 3.5 years.

$120,000 settlement for client who slipped and fell on ice in parking lot of gas station.

$120,000 for client who fractured her chest in a rear-end car accident case. Due to injury, client could not undergo treatment with doctors, but had to just live with the pain. Despite low amount of medical bills ($20,000), we were still able to maximize her recovery.

$150,000 obtained against County Jail for client who committed suicide while in jail.

$400,000 settlement on behalf of a young man shot by the police of a local municipality.

Recent Criminal Cases

Client found NOT GUILTY on ALL COUNTS. Not guilty on one count of Attempted First Degree Murder and NOT GUILTY on three counts of Aggravated Battery with a Firearm.

Client acquitted of Tampering with an Absentee Ballot and Perjury.

Federal drug prosecution brought against client outright dismissed following a successful motion to suppress evidence.

ANOTHER NOT GUILTY Jury Verdict in Randolph County for client charged with First Degree Murder for a stabbing at a bar fight.

NOT GUILTY Jury Verdict in Randolph County for a bar fight where one punch was thrown, and the person who got punched died.

Successfully defended client in Order of Protection hearing resulting in the judge eventually dismissing the case.

Secured return of client's vehicle in State forfeiture case. State's attorney's offfice tried to seize and forfeit client's vehicle, but we were able to successfully obtaion possession for our client.

Clients' confessions were suppressed and thrown out of Court in back to back cases, one of which was a First Degree Murder case.

Client charged with Criminal Sexual Assault and Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse. Client's former step-daughter, i.e. ex-wife's daughter, accused client of sexual assault over a three year time period. Jury verdict: Not Guilty.

Back to Back Not Guilty Verdicts in First Degree Murder Jury Trials. Marked the second time in seven weeks that the Kuehn Law Firm obtained an outright acquittal for a Defendant charged with First Degree Murder. The Belleville News Democrat headline read: ‘Greatest Lawyers in the World’ – ESL man acquitted of Murder that was caught on camera.

A client of the Kuehn, Beasley and Young Law Firm was fully exonerated of First Degree and Second Degree Murder charges. The defendant maintained his innocence, claiming that he acted in self-defense. The jury agreed and rendered a complete Not Guilty verdict.

The Kuehn, Beasley and Young Law Firm successfully defended a Defendant charged with several counts of Aggravated Domestic Battery and Aggravated Battery. The client was acquitted on all counts.

Client charged with two DUI felonies and alcohol related driving charges received a dismissal of both felonies, along with dismissal of all alcohol related and DUI charges.

Argued successfully in front of Illinois Supreme Court and Fifth District Appellate Court on behalf of client found unfit to stand trial based on amnesia. This was a case of first impression in the State of Illinois, and therefore, the Kuehn Law Firm was able to argue successfully for a pronouncement of law by the Illinois Supreme Court in favor of our client.

Successfully defended DUI defendant that resulted in rescission of statutory summary suspension of driving privileges, and dismissal of driving under the influence charge.

In one of the largest successes, Kuehn, Beasley and Young was successfully able to achieve an outright Dismissal of a double homicide case. This was achieved through various pre-trial pleadings and motion hearings, which ultimately resulted in the case being thrown out.