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Appellate Practice

If you need an appellate lawyer, you can do no better than the Kuehn, Beasley & Young Law Firm. The lawyers have handled appeals of all types, and gone so far as to argue in front of the Supreme Court, victoriously. Steve Williams has successfully represented multiple prevailing parties on appeal in both State and Federal Appellate Courts. Because of the past experience, the lawyers at Kuehn, Beasley, & Young have developed a thorough understanding of the keys to prevailing on appeal. Lawyers in Southern Illinois understand the usefulness of this unique knowledge, and routinely hire Kuehn, Beasley & Young to handle their appellate work.

Kuehn, Beasley & Young handles civil and criminal appeals. We represent those individuals wishing to challenge a trial court’s ruling, as well as those individuals wishing to preserve favorable outcomes. And, because of our proficiency, the cost of hiring Kuehn, Beasley & Young to handle your appeal will often be less that the cost of hiring a less qualified firm.

If you need appellate counsel, give us a call. Initial consultations are free.