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Appellate Practice

If you need an appellate lawyer, you can do no better than the Kuehn, Beasley & Young Law Firm. The founder of the firm formerly served as a Justice on the Fifth District Court of Appeals. Because of the past experience, the lawyers at Kuehn, Beasley, & Young have developed a thorough understanding of the keys to prevailing on appeal. Lawyers in Southern Illinois understand the usefulness of this unique knowledge, and routinely hire Kuehn, Beasley & Young to handle their appellate work.

Kuehn, Beasley & Young handles civil and criminal appeals. We represent those individuals wishing to challenge a trial court’s ruling, as well as those individuals wishing to preserve favorable outcomes. And, because of our proficiency, the cost of hiring Kuehn, Beasley & Young to handle your appeal will often be less that the cost of hiring a less qualified firm.

If you need appellate counsel, give us a call. Initial consultations are free.