As a magistrate judge in the Southern District of Illinois, Stephen Williams acted as a mediator in the settlement of hundreds of lawsuits. These cases included the full range of matters within the jurisdiction of the federal courts, including employment discrimination, personal injury, civil rights violations, mass torts, class actions and contract disputes.

Steve understands that a successful mediation requires advance preparation with the parties and a firm understanding of the factual and legal underpinnings of the dispute. It’s also essential to understand the motivations and procedural events that have driven the parties to continued litigation rather than negotiated resolution. Steve’s experiences as a civil litigator, a criminal defense attorney and a Marine Corps officer have provided him with exposure to, and an understanding of, people from all walks of life. This understanding has, time and again, proven essential to assisting parties in reaching a compromise that is not just acceptable, but favorable to both sides.

Ultimately, getting to yes requires patience and persistence on the part of your mediator. Steve’s record of success has required regularly bringing these characteristics to bear. And he will bring those same qualities and experience to settling your case.